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Brexit Brits Abroad

Mar 23, 2018

**IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS EPISODE** This episode was recorded before the agreed legal text relating to the withdrawal agreement was published on 19th March 2018. The text, particularly relating to healthcare provision—which she discusses in this episode—has been significantly been modified since then. Professor Hervey has amended and updated her evaluation of this element of the withdrawal agreement accordingly—which she discusses in this episode—since then, and you can read all about it in her post for the EU Law Analysis Blog

Wondering what the draft withdrawal agreement means for UK citizens living in the EU27? In this episode, Michaela is joined once again by EU law expert Professor Tamara Hervey to talk through the complexities of this agreement. From the legal status of this document, what it means in terms of the enforcement of rights, and causes for concern and (limited) cause for celebration, they discuss what this document reveals about the future rights and entitlement for these populations who have made their homes and lives in the EU27.