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Brexit Brits Abroad

Aug 23, 2019

Returning to a familiar theme of European and Europeanness, Michaela talks with guest Hannah White. Over the past two years, Hannah has been cycling around Europe on her bike, talking with ordinary Europeans about what being European means to them for the her project Outsider: journey through a changing Europe (URL: We talk about how this has challenged her taken for granted understanding of European belonging. From Europe as a political project, to understanding it as a political and social identity that intersects also with up local and national politics of belonging, it emerges as a complex identification that means many things too many people. And while Brexit may have challenged this sense of what it means to be European among British citizens, from the Greek debt crisis to the rise of far right political parties in several European countries, Hannah reminds us that there is a need to understand how the questions of what it means to be European is also shaped by other political transformations in Europe. Find out more about Hannah’s project here