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Brexit Brits Abroad

Oct 4, 2019

One of the notable consequences of Brexit has been the rapid rise of transnational campaign groups lobbying for the rights of British citizens living in the EU26. Such political mobilisation of the British population across Europe is unprecedented, although understandable given the challenges that Brexit presents to their lives. However, as Michaela discusses with Jeremy MacClancy (Professor in Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University), political participation by British citizens living in the EU26 through getting involved in local campaigns, in becoming town councillors—an activity that is under threat because of Brexit—is an overlooked dimension that might offer some insights into this contemporary political mobilisation. Through the comparison between the current moment of political mobilisation among Britons across Europe, with these more local articulations of political activism, Jeremy teases out the differences in how these are framed, the scales on which they take place, but also how these link to fundamental questions of citizenship, identity and belonging that have taken on renewed significance through Brexit. 
You can read Jeremy’s recently published work that centres the political in the lives of British citizens living in Spain here ( and his recent research report about the attitudes of these Britons towards Brexit here (