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Brexit Brits Abroad

Oct 10, 2019

In today’s podcast special, Michaela and Karen get together to reflect on (some of) the sociological takeaways from the project. And it’s a really tour de force! 
Get ready to hear them tackle the problems at the heart of the perennial question—why don’t they just go back to Britain?—that has become all too familiar to many Britons living in Europe in a time of Brexit. They return to questions of Britain and Britishness, citizenship and racism. And in their latest discussion of bordering they highlight the need to move beyond legalistic framings, and into understandings that recognise that who is allowed to cross borders and remain in the sovereign territory of a nation is political and constantly negotiated. And Brexit tightens Europe’s borders, some Britons will find themselves squeezed out, its effect unevenly felt.
Further resources relating to the topics of this episode :
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