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Brexit Brits Abroad

Oct 18, 2019

Ian lives in Sweden and crosses the Öresund Bridge on a daily basis for his job in Denmark. As a cross-border worker what does Brexit mean for him and others like him, now and in the future? And what does it mean for the cross border rights—pensions, healthcare, sick leave, workers rights—based on European citizenship that have been the foundation for so many cross border workers?
This episode is part of a set of episodes that we have released throughout the project that focus on the human face of Brexit and what it means for British citizens living in the EU27. Other episodes in this selection include, Michaela’s interviews with Terri (, Paul (, and Gill and Clive ( You can also hear from Millie, Jayne and Roy in the about Brexit and what it means for Britons living in the EU27 who have complex health and social care needs (